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In May 2011 I presented my book (Finite Element Methods (Volume I) Applications NX-6/7 and NX-NASTRAN) at the annual 'Siemens PLM NX Software' Conference in Las Vegas. In addition the Animation Software 'FEBEAM' was shown.

FEBEAM submitted with the book, was demonstrated, to show an easy way, to learn the Finite Element Method via animations.

The book and software FEBEAM in color, were very much appreciated.

Therefore the 'Siemens PLM' company is submitting the book and software to their 11,000 customers in 70 countries to download or to buy the book. To make the same offer to everyone, world-wide, I have created my own Home Page.

The name of my home page was selected, because today Solid Modeling, Meshing, Finite Element Analysis, and Postprocessing via colors and animations are the most important, features in Engineering Design. In future Eigenvectors will be important characteristic features of created designs.

Please read: 'How to order the book', 'My Profile' and 'Why you should buy this book (Volume 1)'

To introduce my book and software some color graphs are shown.

Book Cover

'Up to Date Teaching' is defined next. The textbooks Volume I and Volume II are designed accordingly.'


Volume I and Volume II

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Application NX-7/8 and NX-NASTRAN

By Ortwin Ohtmer

Finite Element - Finite Volume Methods, and
Direct Approximation of Differential Equations
(Volume II)

Application NX-7/8 and NX-NASTRAN

By Ortwin Ohtmer

Up-To-Date Teaching in Engineering / Up-Dating at any Time

1)     Integrated Design, Simulation , Animation, and  Advanced Manufacturing based on Solid Modeling as the Core Communication Cornerstone of Concurrent Engineering .

2)     Every Field Problem is specified by related Differential- or Integral Equations verified by Lab-or Real Life Measurements .

3)     Equipment : Every student has a Laptop and a Printer .

4)     Every Class in Engineering has three Components

4a)   Theory (Textbooks are on the Internet, to down-load without costs)

4b)   Thousands of  1-D Problems can be solved  via  a software on the Internet, to down-load without costs .

4b1)  Solving 1-D Problems with the Software from  the internet . The application is discussed in the Textbook .

4b2)  Lab-Classes : Performing Tests and Measurements . The  application  is  discussed in the Textbook .

4c1)  Solving 2-D, and 3-D Problems with a licensed Software used in Industry. The application is discussed in the Textbook .

4c2)  Lab-Classes : Comparing  measured  Results  (1-D , 2-D)  with  Software  Solutions.  The Software used, is available on the Internet to down-load without costs .



In Structural Engineering thousands of 1-D Problems can exactly be solved via a software from the Internet showing the un-deformed , and deformed solution , very easy to use, and explaining the Finite Element Method , named FEBEAM . 2-D-, and 3-D Problems can be solved via SIEMENS-PLM-NX Software.

In Thermodynamic-, and Fluid-Flow Analysis Thousands of 1-D-, and 2-D Problems can be solved via the Internet Software ( Conformal Mapping) . For complex problems licensed Software used in Industry is also available. Cal State Fullerton (Mechanical Ing.) will teach a Class in Statistical Thermodynamic. This makes only sense , if a Class in Quantenmechanic is offered. This would also benefit the Material Classes.


Dr Ortwin Ohtmer                          home page :
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Long Beach, California                  Cell : 562-480-1805


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